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What We Do


Web Development

We can develop web solution for your business
from scratch to integrate it with internet market.


Cloud Solutions

Our Cloud Services follow the best in class security procedures consistently across all cloud resources, allowing to automate seamless portability between private and public clouds and ensuring that implemented solutions are fully auditable.

We can design scalable and flexible cloud solution for any business needs.

We offer a multi-cloud, multi-vendor management platform.

Our Cloud platforms are able to automate seamless portability between private and public clouds.

When you partner with Enterprise Outsourcing we understand the importance of adding workloads to the right places, so you get optimal performance and automatic scalability exactly when you need it and -ultimately the ability to consume your core business services on demand.


Smart House

We can develop and offer modern and technological solution to automatize and manage your environment - apartment, house, office etc.


Mobile Apps

We can create enjoyable mobile application for your business
to make it useful on the go.

At Enterprise Outsourcing, we understand that customers are overwhelmed by the choice of DevOps tools required for application modernization, cloud readiness, or to deliver bespoke functionality.

Our Application development Team has not only Implemented large-scale applications, mobile applications and ERP applications for numerous clients, but we have developed niche applications and/or modified applications to enhance our customer’s business processes and requirements.


Offshore Team

We can create delegated team of professionals
to provide qualified services of any product development.


We're Hiring

Our team is constantly growing.
We are always glad to welcome a new specialist on interesting projects.
Today we have the next opened positions:

Surveillance Management Service

Middle or Senior .NET Developer

The project is a new Surveillance Management system for well known company in the world.
Solution will consist of two main modules: Agent and hosted Web UI.

Surveillance Management Service

QA Engineer

The project is a new Surveillance Management system for well known company in the world.
Solution will consist of two main modules: Agent and hosted Web UI.

Ads Sales Enablement Platform

Middle+ or Senior .NET developer

Platform for market analysis and information base of the advertising turnover.
Separate projects for the range of business needs and you will be involved in part of them as a member of the offshore team.
Work on the project assumes close communication with a team on US side and participation in decision-making.
Advanced tools and technologies are in use to achieve the objectives of development and process workflow.



Our approach to custom software development combines benefits from several standard development process models. We have a well-defined, predictable and highly manageable process while allowing for a degree of refinement, flexibility and results review after each major phase.


The application architect designs the architecture of the system, its conceptual model, and creates technical diagrams.

We also define business components, UI components, create a UI prototype, deployment scenario for the application, and start defining our quality assurance approach.


Based on technical design, we start the implementation of the project.

We start with a project skeleton that contains all defined components and UI modules. These modules begin with an empty implementation and grow in time as we progress.

As a result, the application skeleton becomes more robust each week, demonstrating project progress.

Our QA specialists do testing of the modules being developed.


We do regular deployment during implementation and stabilization phases.

In the beginning of the delivery, we run procedures to migrate data from old versions of the application (or other applications) to the new application database (if applicable) in the staging environment.

The result of this phase is the final version of the project, delivered to the client's production environment.


Our team glad to communicate with customers.
Contact us. We will help to reach goals of your business and attend to solve issues.

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